1- Easter offer :

10 % discount for all Group courses ( two and four weeks ) and accommodation ( two and four weeks ).

2- Summer offer :




Original price

Discounted price


Saving amount

Tuition After Discount

Accomo. After Discount.

Four weeks Combined + Dokki accommodation

915 + 465 = 1,380 USD

1,104 USD

20 %

276 USD

732 USD

( ECA 304 USD + MSA 428 USD )

372 USD

Four weeks ECA + Dokki accommodation

380 + 465 = 845 USD

718 USD

15 %

127 USD

323 USD

395 USD

Four weeks MSA + Dokki accommodation

535 + 465 = 1,000 USD

850 USD

15 %

150 USD

455 USD

395 USD




What is Basem doing now?

ماذا يفعل باسم الآن ؟

Used to ask about what someone is doing

"I learned more here in three months than the year and a half of Arabic classes I had taken before coming here. " I am so happy with my experience at ILI. All of the teachers have wonderful, energetic personalities, and somehow manage to make learning even the most difficult grammatical concepts seem fun and manageable. The classes are very fast-paced, but incorporate a lot of review so that the students are able to retain all of the information that they take in. I think that by far the best thing about the institution is the teachers. Not only are they experts in Arabic language, all of them are just great teachers that know how to teach, in addition to the language itself. It's a lot harder to find language teachers with actual teaching skills than it sounds. I would definitely recommend ILI to anyone who is considering taking Arabic courses in Egypt.

Rosa Klein-Baer - United States