Students arriving in Egypt would obviously like to know what costs are going to be involved. The budgetary information set out below is aimed at our younger 'university-type' student. Note that 'LE' refers to the local currency, Egyptian Pounds.


Please remember that this is our best estimate (November 2012).

Accommodation: Apartments. Budget LE1000-1500 per month for a shared flat


Students could share a furnished apartment for around LE3500-4500 per month. Cairo flats are usually large and spacious and many students share, keeping costs down.


Students can stay in our serviced residences for €380 to €460 per month


Food: Budget LE1000-1250 per person per month in a shared flat


Vegetables and fruit are readily available and cheap. Supermarkets offer a good range of the basics as well as many imported and exotic products. There are many street vendors, soft drink and fruit juice shops, bakeries and minimarts. Beer and wine are available from licensed outlets.


Fast food is easily available and almost all the major multinationals are here, along with lots of local Lebanese, Chinese and shops selling kebab, fool, falafel and mezzas.

Almost all food outlets home deliver.


Eating Out: Budget LE600-700 per month


There are literally hundreds of restaurants and cafes throughout the city. All types of food are available. If you eat out once a week, allow about LE600 per month. Please note, however, that it is really difficult to estimate as it depends on whether you choose a 5-star restaurant or something more modest!


Remember also that generally (although depending on where you eat) the prices on the menu do not include local taxes and service charges, which are added at the end of the meal. A tip of about 10 per cent of the meal's cost (excluding tax and service charges) is often expected.


Clothing: Budget around LE400 if you have brought most of your clothes with you


It is not always hot in Egypt and for the months of December through January you will need winter clothes. Temperatures during the day are 16-20°C and at night can get down to 5-6°C.


Egypt’s clothing manufacturing industry is large and there are many different options for buying clothing. It is difficult to estimate how much you would actually spend on clothes as it depends, to a large extent, on personal preference.


Travel & Holidays: Budget around LE600 per month


With regard to transport, taxis are the main mode of transportation and they are very cheap. You could also use public buses but they are very crowded and not very good. The Metro is clean and reliable but not very extensive.


Most students take advantage of seeing as much of Egypt as they can while they are here. Most of the main areas to visit are easily accessible from Cairo and inter-city flights, buses and trains are the best forms of transport. Flights are obviously the most expensive way of travelling, but are well worth it for longer distance trips.


Usually there is a wide range of choice and travel deals available and we are always willing to provide advice and regularly offer one or two day trips through a trusted travel operator.


Utilities: Budget LE500 per person per month in a shared flat


Water, phone and electricity in your apartment will be at your expense. We recommend students get their own mobile phone and use prepaid cards for calls abroad. You can get an internet dongle but students can also use the free WIFI and computer lab at IH Cairo ILI.


The amount allocated above takes into account the fact that you may be using air-conditioners but never, ever leave them running while you are out to avoid unnecessary expense!


Other Expenses: Budget around LE300 per month


Thus, our best guess estimate (November 2012) is around LE3/4000 per month for living expenses (excluding accommodation).



Will you go with me to the cafeteria now?

هل تذهب معي إلى الكافيتيريا الآن ؟

Used to ask if someone will go somewhere with them

I have enjoyed my time at ILI very much and feel at home here quickly. The teaching is brilliant and learning in an Arab country really makes it special. I like the range of courses and trips offered.

Emily Wales - United Kingdom