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Studying Arabic abroad 25 Feb, 2014

Do you know that Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world? Do you know that over 450 million people speak Arabic as their native language and around 1 billion Muslim who also speak Arabic? If you choose of be monolingual and speak only your mother tongue language, you will surely miss a lot of knowledge to know, new people to communicate with, new cultures to be exposed to and new business opportunities that you will surely miss. There are a lot of benefits of learning Arabic Language. Though Western media always portrays Arabs is a bad way, but the truth is otherwise. Learning Arabic language will give you many advantages which will be mentioned in the following lines:


Business in the Arab world :

If you work in field of business, then you have a very good opportunity in the Arabic market. Arab world is reforming and new market is ready for your investments. If you can speak Arabic, this will make it easier for you to communicate with Arab people in a better way. Of course you can hire a translator when you travel for business, but communicating with people in their own mother tongue makes a huge difference.


Travel and Tourism in Arab countries :

If you are interested to spend your annual holidays in the Arab world, you will surely need to learn Arabic language. Arabs have a great history, and spending your vacation in an Arabic country is awesome. If you speak Arabic, you will be very much admired and welcomed by the Arab people. Arabs are appreciating foreigners when they try to learn Arabic language. You will also be able to read signs in the street, get a better understanding of the people culture and traditions.


Settling down in an Arabic country :

If you are planning to settle down and live in an Arabic country, learning Arabic will be inevitable. You cannot live in a country where you do not understand its people. This will cause you some trouble and you may be sometimes in danger. You surely cannot hire a translator for months and years.


Converting to Islam:

If you are newly converting to Islam, you must learn Arabic language. Arabic is the language of the Quran which is the sacred book for Muslims. In Islam, Arabic is the language of prayers, and worship. There are surely translation for the Quran, and other religious books that explain everything about Islam, but learning Arabic will make a great difference. You will learn all about Islam in a profound way, if you can speak and read Arabic.


How to learn Arabic if you live abroad ?

Learn Arabic online is a great solution if you live abroad and interested in learning Arabic language. Online courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online courses are very flexible, you can study whenever you want, wherever it is suitable for you. If you have a health problem, or if you have kids that you cannot leave them alone, online courses are also perfect for you. You will have access to interactive on-line materials. Each student has regular home assignment, to ensure his/ her understanding of the lessons. And of course you need to make a good choice when choosing the Arabic online program you will attend, in order to make sure that the courses are presented by experienced native Arabic speaker teachers.