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Students are steadily returning as security improves in Cairo. 05 Sep, 2013

Some three weeks ago our new government declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew. None of us living here were very happy about this, but we understood that once and for all, safety and security had to be sorted out. The Moslem Brotherhood were still shouting about bringing back ex-President Morsi and that the army (and around 33 million people who protested and said “enough is enough”) had ‘stolen their government and their president’.


Now that was the problem: what extreme Islamists like the Brotherhood really don’t understand is that not everyone, in fact very few people want their sort of government and their sort of narrow-minded, nasty rule. Having failed us totally and utterly in every possible way for a year, we said “enough, go away!” and with the help of the army, we did get rid of them. That was early July. Since clearing out the big protests in Rabaa el Addeweya a few weeks ago, things are rapidly improving and we think by the middle of September, the government will close the state of emergency and we hope we can all get back to work properly!


Curfew is now 11.00pm at night and not very serious. Lots of our students’ mothers expect their children to be in bed by 11.00 o ‘clock anyway, don’t they?! The state of emergency doesn’t affect us in our everyday lives but gives the authorities the right to detain and arrest anyone causing trouble. Last Friday the “Day of Revenge” according to the Moslem Brotherhood, brought a few thousand on the streets throughout the whole of Egypt and had no effect except to disrupt traffic.


This week we are welcoming back diplomats from the Foreign Office in UK and students from The University in Denmark as different organizations and more and more countries grow in confidence about Egypt. More university students from Exeter UK are joining next week, so things are picking up. Our children’s International school successfully brought out 37 new expatriate teachers last week; they are all settled in, found apartments, working and teaching. The city is safe again and functioning well………….except for the traffic which has always been a disaster! All we need to get our students really coming back again is for foreign governments to lift their travel advice, which we hope they will, very soon.


If you feel confident in what you have read and want to study with us, then come as soon as you can. We have managed problems worse than this over the last three years and we feel that things are now much better, much more stable and very promising.


It’s also a great time to get a really good deal on our serviced residencies! 3 and 5 bedroom serviced apartments, well-furnished individual study bedrooms, 24 hour security, cable TV, free internet……………..what more can you want!


Colin Rogers