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Learning Arabic Language 05 Feb, 2014

Language is essential to communicate with each other; through language we are able to interact with the people around us. We share our feelings, our wishes, our fears, our dreams and even we quarrel using language. If you choose to be a monolingual, that is to speak only your mother tongue language, you will surely lose a lot of communication chances with new people. Learning new languages exposes you to new cultures, new way of thinking, different civilizations. Arabic language is one of the main languages that carry a whole great history, and a memorable civilization. Arabic is also considered the 5th mostly common spoken language in the whole world. And it is the official language of 20 countries. Learning Arabic language opens the door right in front of you to learn about traditions, ideas, history and culture that you have never heard about.

Learning Arabic Language, It is easy now to learn Arabic online. You can learn Arabic alphabet, Arabic writing, and Arabic grammar while you are at your home country, setting in front of your P.C. When you start Learning Arabic language, you will get you to know new letters’ sounds that you will experience for the first time when you learn Arabic alphabet. Arabic letters are distinguished by dots. An Arabic letter differs from one another by the position of these dots. Thus memorizing and picturing the position of the dots in your mind is a main factor in learning Arabic writing. It is very interesting for you to know that alternating the position of a single dot can give an Arabic word a completely different meaning

Studying and learning about Arabic grammar can be hard, but by practice and studying in depth, you will surely master the Arabic grammar perfectly. Arabic language is considered as a Semitic language and the Arabic grammar is similar to other Semitic languages. As for classical Arabic grammar, we find that it is divided into five branches:


- Lexicon: which is concerned with the meaning and the explanation of Arabic Vocabulary
- Morphology: It deals with the form of the words.
- Syntax: It is about inflection; however it is lost in spoken Arabic language between Arabs. However, you have to study it when you learn to speak Arabic in an academic way.
- Derivation: It is the study of the origin of the words.
- Rhetoric: It is the study of the construction quality of sentences.


Arabic writing

Learning Arabic writing can be a little confusing at first. Arabic is a language that is written from write to left in a cursive way of writing. It will not take much time and soon you will surely master Arabic writing. You will need to concentrate on the direction of the letter and keep in mind that a single dot can differentiate between a word and another.

Arabic is really one of the languages that worth studying. You will open the door in front of you to learn about a great part of early civilization, great cultures, and a part in history that is important to be enlightened about. You will be able to appreciate the Arab old history and antique civilization when you can speak their own language. And when you visit an Arabic country, you will value the time you spent in learning Arabic language, because you will not feel yourself a stranger.