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Learn Arabic language at IH Cairo 12 Feb, 2014

IH Cairo was founded in 1975. It is the official Arabic provider for International House World Organization of language schools. IH Cairo is making learning Arabic language to foreigners easy. It is presenting Arabic language training in a professional way by experienced staff of teachers who are all TAEL certified. The IH Cairo is adopting modern teaching methodology, which depends on students’ interaction to create a rich environment of communication, so students will learn Arabic Language and practice it in different situations. Each class at IH Cairo contains small number of students so as every student has his/ her own chance to interact and participate. This insures the good quality of learning Arabic language at IH Cairo.


We offer our students the opportunity to learn Arabic language while he/ she is staying in his/ her own country, in front of his/ her P.C. through our programs to learn Arabic online. Our online courses are live 24 hours. The course takes over 6 weeks, two lessons of two hours each week. When you learn Arabic online, you will have access to interactive on-line materials. Each student has regular home assignment, to ensure his/ her understanding of the lessons. And of course all Arabic online Courses are presented by experienced native Arabic speaker teachers.



If you choose to learn Arabic language at IH Cairo institute, in Egypt, you will enjoy the opportunity to learn Arabic language and practice it in your daily life with Egyptian people. Your first day at IH Cairo is known as the day of registration. You are asked to come at 9 am. You will have a placement test to determine your level in Arabic grammar, Arabic writing and Arabic speaking. The placement test is important as it ensures that you are attending the right level. The next day, you can start attending your own class. You will start your course by learning Arabic alphabet, if you are placed in the beginners’ level.  


IH Cairo Institute is equipped with a range of facilities that is ready to be used by the students who choose to come to Egypt and learn Arabic language. IH Cairo has 22 equipped classrooms. The student can enjoy using our computer labs weekdays from 08:00- 16:00. The IH Cairo library is welcoming students who would like to read Arabic books. We are also offering study spaces where you can have a quiet place to study and revise your lessons. You can also enjoy meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks at the institute’s cafeteria. During the student stay in Cairo, IH Cairo is ready to give help whenever needed. All the students’ questions about socialactivites, accommodation, medicalservice, and transport are welcomed.



Learning a difficult language such as Arabic language can be hard, but at IH Cairo we guarantee you will learn Arabic and master Arabic writing and you will learn to speak Arabic in a professional, success proven ways. You will have a pleasant experience, dealing with nice and cooperative teachers. IH Cairo is doing the best to answer the question on how to learn Arabic in the most effective way.