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Learn Arabic in Egypt 19 Feb, 2014


Egypt is a country, located in the Middle East. Its official language is Arabic. Arabic in Egypt is known by the name of Egyptian colloquial Arabic, which refers to the spoken language of the Egyptian people. It is also referred to by the Egyptian dialect. However, Egyptians still use Classical Arabic or a modernized form named Standard Arabic in the official documents, newspaper, correspondences and formal situations. Classical Arabic is taught in the Egyptian schools for students in a very early age. If you want to learn Arabic language in Egypt academically, you will study Classical or Standard Arabic.


Egyptian Arabic is a variety of Egyptian dialects which were all originated around the Nile Delta and Lower Egypt. The Egyptian dialects are understood among all Egyptians, as there is no large difference between these dialects. The Egyptian dialects are also understood by most of the Arab people as the Egyptian media is very strong and has a very deep influence in the Arab area, to the extent that you can find some Arab people who speak the Egyptian dialect perfectly despite the fact that they have never visited Egypt. So if you decided to learn Arabic language in its Egyptian version, you will be able to communicate with people in most of the Arab world.


The history of the Arabic language in Egypt goes back to the 7th Century AD. Egyptian People were presented to the Arabic language for the first time after the Muslim Conquest. Before that age, Egyptian people were speaking either in Greek or in Coptic language. The Influence of the Arabic language was very slow. For centuries Egyptians were bilingual speaking both Arabic and Coptic language especially in Lower Egypt. But the fact that Classical Arabic is the language of the Quran –the sacred book of Muslims- made it easy for Egyptians to learn Arabic language.


Standard Arabic is a modernized form of Colloquial Egyptian Arabic. It is mostly used in formal situations and newspaper. It came as a modernization of Classical Arabic. Many famous people are considered the leaders for the language reform to Standard Arabic in Egypt. Famous intellectuals like Ahmed Lotfi el Sayed and Salma Moussa, refused the assumption that Arabic is immutable language because it is the language of the Quran.

Though there are some differences between spoken colloquial Egyptian dialect, Standard modern Arabic and Classical Arabic, but when you start learning any of them, you will find that they are all have the same alphabet. Arabic consists of 28 letters. Learning Arabic Alphabet is the first step to learn Arabic language. If you are interested to learn Arabic writing, you need to know some information. Arabic is a language that is written from right to left. Arabic is written in the cursive way. To learn Arabic alphabet and to learn Arabic writing, you need to pay much attention to dots. Dots are used to differentiate a letter from another. A single dot, which may be added by mistake, can make a certain word mean a completely different meaning.