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Arabic history, famous people and quotations 09 Feb, 2014


Arabic language is one of the mostly common spoken languages. In fact Arabic is the 5th common language in the world. Around 300 million people speak Arabic around the globe. Classical Arabic is the language of the Quran, which is the sacred book of Muslims around the world. Arabic language has a great long history that tells the story of a very great nation. If you are interested to learn Arabic language, you should know that Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family which includes Aramaic and Hebrew. It is the most common spoken Semitic language in fact. Arabic is the official language for the Middle East countries as well as the horn and the north of Africa. More than 1 billion Muslims speak and learn Arabic language.


Arabic played an important role as the language of science and literature during the middle Ages. Arabic influenced the culture, philosophy, mathematics and science in Europe during these ages. Arabs in those ages were very developed and contributed to the history of science and inventions. Europe was translating science from the Arabic books of medicine, science, mathematics and philosophy. Thus you can find that many English words are originally Arabic words, as Arabic had a deep impact on Europeans in that old past.

During the dark ages in Europe, Arabs were really living their golden age. Many Arab scientists influenced the history of humanity by their inventions and discoveries, when Europe was living in ignorance and darkness. Some of these Arabic famous names of scientists are:


 - al-Khwarizmi: He is a famous Arab scientist who developed the numerals.


 - Hassan Ibn Al-Haitham: He is Mathematician. Ibn Al-Haitham is considered one of the founders of optics. Aristotle and Ptolemy had their theories about light shining from the eye and reflected on the object and so we can see objects around us. Ibn Al- Haitham proved that the light travels to the eyes in the form of multiple rays and in this way we can see.



 - Al Razi: He was a medical researcher who proved that fever is a part of the human’s body defense system.


 - Al Zahrawi: He is considered one of the leaders and pioneers of modern surgery. He was the scientist who suggested the use of animal intestines for internal suturing, which is still used in some countries till now.



Famous Arabic Quotes


Famous known quotes are originally Arabic like: “Trust in God but keep your powder dry”. It is originally a quote that was said in a way close to that by prophet Muhammed. The Orignal quote urges a person to do his role in taking care of things, knocking every door and do his effort and in the meantime have faith in God. “eat whatever you like, but dress as others do” is another famous Arabic quote that widely used. Another widely used quote is “Ask the experienced rather than the learned”. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is another quote that has an Arabic original background.