• How do I find a flat?

    We can help you by introducing you to our housing agents who go with you to view several apartments before you make any decisions.

  • Do I have to share?

    No, you don't but it is not easy to find small single apartments. Similarly, if you share, you will be paying less for a nicer apartment. 

  • Are the apartments equipped?

    Yes, they are equipped. They will be furnished, including kitchenware and bedding. Apartments come with a phone, television, washing machine and air-conditioning. There may also be an internet connection and satellite TV.  

  • How much will I pay?

    Rents are approximately LE3500-4500 for 3 persons.

  • Can I get an internet connection?

    It might be possible through your landlord, if not, all the mobile providers offer internet dongles on a pay as you go basis.

  • Can I live with an Egyptian family?

    Sorry, we do not offer home-stay options.