• When do I have to arrive?

    Usually we recommend you to arrive one or two days before the course starts. The first day of the course is registration and placement testing, with lessons starting in the afternoon (first day only).


    If you are staying in one of our residences you can arrive the day before and move in in the afternoon. If you are arriving earlier, please let us know and we’ll do our best.

    If you want to find your own furnished apartment, please inform our reception team upon your arrival at IH Cairo ILI and one of our agents can help you.  

  • Will someone meet me at the airport?

    Airport pickup can be provided, and if you would like this service, simply inform us ahead of your arrival date. If you choose to make you own way into the city, please make sure you use only the officially licensed transport – not somebody's 'brother'!

  • How do I find a flat?

    Please be advised that, if you would like to rent an apartment near the school, we can recommend the following website for different accommodation types and you can search by area, we have many students who used it and they successfully booked an accommodation.

    Also, you can try Coldwell banker  and you can search for a property nearby the school or in the same area – Mohandeseen, Dokki, Agouza or Zamalek.

  • When will I know my level and class?

    Results of your placement test are available immediately and so you will be aware of your level in time for the start of your classes. If, once in your class, you have any difficulties please talk to your teacher or one of the educational managers. Our friendly and experienced Director of Studies (Hoda Adeeb), along with four educational coordinators, is there to help you settle into your learning. In addition, the reception team can help you with any general queries you may have.

  • Do you take public holidays?

    Yes, of course. However, course calendar is extended to accommodate for the public holidays and if there are more than one 'lost' day during a course we make it up.

  • Do I need medical insurance?

    Yes, we strongly advice that you buy comprehensive insurance before coming to Egypt. Thereafter, we are happy to help you and advise you about good doctors and hospitals if you need medical care.

  • How can I get money/change money?

    You can change money easily through banks or access money at ATM machines. There are no restrictions in terms of what you bring in or how much you change. 

  • Do I need visa?

    Yes. Most nationalities are granted a tourist visa upon arrival in Egypt. In the airport, before going through immigration buy an entry visa at one of the bank kiosks which needs to be paid in cash so make sure you have enough cash in USD to buy the Visa, Alternatively, you may be able to apply for a visa in your own country, at your local Egyptian Embassy.

    Egypt has also introduced an online visa application service for a list of countries which is valid for 30 days. Please check the following website for more details:

  • Do I have to have residence?

    The usual duration of a tourist visa is one month. An extension can be arranged once here at the local government office. This process generally takes a few of days. You will need to provide both passport photos and copies of your passport to complete the application for visa extension. We can advise you.


    Please note – some nationalities are currently restricted, for example, citizens from Israel and South Africa may only be allowed one month and citizens from Malaysia, India and Indonesia three months.

  • Where will I stay?

    We can book you into a hotel if you wish. We do not recommend that you find a cheap hotel in Downtown by yourself. Please let us help you.

  • When can I move into a flat?

    If you are staying in one of our residences you move in immediately and you don't need a hotel PROVIDED THAT YOUR ARRIVAL IS NO MORE THAN ONE DAY PRIOR TO OUR START DATE. If you are looking for a flat you should be able to find something within 2 or 3 days.

  • Do I have to share?

    No, you don't but it is not easy to find small single apartments. Similarly, if you share, you will be paying less for a nicer apartment. 

  • Are the apartments equipped?

    Yes, most of the rented furnished apartments in Cairo are equipped. They are usually furnished, including kitchenware and bedding. Apartments also come with a phone, television, washing machine and air-conditioning. There may also be an internet connection and satellite TV.

  • How much will I pay?

    Rents are approximately LE8000-10000 for 3 persons.

  • Can I get an internet connection?

    It might be possible through your landlord, if not, all the mobile providers offer internet dongles on a pay as you go basis.

  • Can I live with an Egyptian family?

    Sorry, we do not offer home-stay options. 

  • How many students in a class?

    The maximum class size is 16 although the average class size is 8-10 students or less.

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes, of course, when you complete a course. Furthermore, if you need a special transcript or letter/document we are happy to help you.

  • Do I have to bring the course books with me?

    No, you don't. You can buy the books from us at normal prices through our reception.

  • Can I study for a year?

    Yes, indeed. The courses run on a monthly basis and are ongoing. As such, you can simply keep working through the levels!

  • Do I have to have a laptop?

    No, not at all. However, if you are used to having a laptop then bringing it with you might be a good idea. In our residence and the school there is free WIFI available and so having your own laptop provides you with ease of access to the web. 

  • Do you teach Quran?

    No. We are a secular school. However, learning MSA will help you with reading the Quran.

  • Are your curriculums recognized?

    Yes, both International House Worldwide Organisation and universities worldwide recognize our curriculums. Our course books achieve both Common European Framework and Association of Language Testers in Europe standards. In addition, students who need to study and transfer credits are usually able to do so.

  • Do you offer other courses?

    Yes, we do. We offer a range of special interest courses, including calligraphy, Media Arabic, religion and history, business communication, teacher training, grammar courses and tailor-made courses for diplomats and universities. Please contact us for more information. 

  • What time are the classes?

    All fulltime classes are from Sunday to Thursday. ECA runs from 9.00 -11.00am and MSA from 11.30am - 2.30pm. Classes take breaks and the café serves food all day.

  • Is Cairo safe for women?

    Yes, it is. Dress sensibly and conservatively, that is paying respect to the culture. After that, it is surprising how nice the people are and how willing they are to protect others.