TAFL course

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL)


Over the years, we have trained hundreds of teachers using the techniques and standards of our affiliate organization, International House, London, www.ihworld.com


International House is the founder a world-leader of modern language training with more 50 years' experience. ILI. International House Cairo, is the only IH-recognized centre for training teachers of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL) and is regularly inspected, supported and up-dated. The 120-hour courses comply with the standards of the Cambridge ESOL Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults.

The course covers:

• Classroom Management 
• Different techniques to present and practice language 
• Teaching Literacy Skills 
• Developing the four language skills 
• Different approaches to teach Arabic grammar 
• Awareness of the Arabic phonology, vocabulary grammar and morphology 
• Awareness of students’ learning styles and motivation 
• Awareness of students learning problems and how to handle them 
• Lesson planning and timetabling 
• Awareness of available course books and how to use them effectively 
• Using IT technology to supplement teaching and learning


You can download the teacher training course outline here.


• University graduate. 
• Good knowledge of Arabic grammar (High School Level). 
• Good knowledge of English, spoken & written. 
• With or without previous teaching experience. 
• Pass the entry tests. 


• Complete the application by clicking here
• If your C.V meets the course requirements, ILI's course Director will contact you to  

  arrange a pre-registration interview and an Arabic/English test. 
• Based on a successful interview, you will be asked to pay 25% of the course fees. The

  balance is paid before the course starts.


The Interview: 
The interviewer will ask for information about the following areas:

• Your education and professional experience - you will be asked to speak in Modern    

  Standard Arabic. 

• Your reasons for taking the teacher training course - you will be asked to speak in  

• Your proficiency in Arabic grammar and pronunciation - you will be asked to read an

  Arabic text aloud and will then be asked some questions about the grammar based on

  its content.

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ما سعر هذا القميص لو سمحتِ ؟

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"I learned more here in three months than the year and a half of Arabic classes I had taken before coming here. " I am so happy with my experience at ILI. All of the teachers have wonderful, energetic personalities, and somehow manage to make learning even the most difficult grammatical concepts seem fun and manageable. The classes are very fast-paced, but incorporate a lot of review so that the students are able to retain all of the information that they take in. I think that by far the best thing about the institution is the teachers. Not only are they experts in Arabic language, all of them are just great teachers that know how to teach, in addition to the language itself. It's a lot harder to find language teachers with actual teaching skills than it sounds. I would definitely recommend ILI to anyone who is considering taking Arabic courses in Egypt.

Rosa Klein-Baer - United States