Special Arabic Courses



The course helps the students to master the core vocabulary and structure of the printed and internet news media .it enables the students to read extended authentic texts. We teach many topics about the Arabic media such as Elections, conflicts and terrorism, meeting and conferences, demonstrations, business and finance. The course requires a post intermediate level of MSA (level 6) or above and at least 2 students to open a Media class.


History and Society


The course gives an introduction to the political, social and cultural conditions in Egypt and other Arabic speaking countries with the main focus on the 20th century.  The course helps student to have a varied insight into the most important factors that have influenced the actual situation in the Middle East. Recently a full chapter about the latest Arabic Spring events that evolved in some countries in the Arab world is added to the course. It highlights the main changes that took place in the last two years in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria.


The course focuses on the political and social conditions in the Arabic speaking countries such as Jordan, Syria, Emirates, Yemen, Algeria, Palestine and Morocco and the most important factors that have influenced the actual situation in the Middle East.


Religion and Culture


The course helps student to improve his/her knowledge of the actual religious and cultural conditions in the Arabic speaking countries and be able to analyze the relation between various relevant means of cultural expressions and society. The historical background may be included to the extent that is necessary to understand the present situation.

We teach many topics about Culture such as: Contemporary Arab culture, Arab identity, marriage and divorce, circumcision, envy, Arabic music, folk arts, cinema in Egypt and crafts in Egypt. We teach many topics about religion such as the veil, status of the woman in society, religious occasions and popular celebrations.


Commercial Communications


The course helps and trains the student to use Arabic in situations that are typical for commercial communication with and within the Arabic speaking countries. Examples: letters to firms and institutions in Arabic speaking countries, press statements, details of products, applications, minutes etc.  During the course students will simulate real work situations e.g. face to face meetings, giving complaints about a certain contract or product & how to solve problems that might happen within the work field.


The course includes official and unofficial communications such as: How to write invoices, reports and commercial letters, how to ask about proposals, offers and prices, how to respond to business letters and complaints and marketing strategies for advertising, publicity and sales promotion.




The course helps the student to write the Arabic language properly and uses it in reading books and follows the media. The course focuses on:  the Noun with all its case endings: Nominative, accusative and genitive, the verb with all its tenses: present, past, future and imperative, the introduction of subjunctive and jussive cases and the study of the morphology of some topics.




The course studies examples of the old and contemporary Arabic poetry, prose, plays, novels, short stories and articles.


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