IH Cairo ILI is only able to offer quality teaching if supported by excellent teaching  and administrative management, with  regular monitoring and training. Our teaching methodology is highly effective, focusing on student participation and engagement with the language.


All IH Cairo ILI teachers are properly trained to CTEFLA standards (Cambridge RSA), as well as being Arabic language specialists. The educational management of our Institute includes a Director of Studies, four coordinators (ECA, MSA, Universities and Audio Visual and IT), two qualified teacher trainers, a Head of Teacher Training and Author. The Education staff is supported by dedicated Administration and Finance Teams.


The strength of the IH organization is the quality and training of its teachers. Since the organization began some 60 years ago, IH has been a pioneer of modern language teacher training. Today, IH is still one of the largest language teacher training organizations in the world and IH Cairo ILI is the ONLY IH teacher training centre for Arabic teachers.




Board of Directors



Colin Rogers, Founder & CEO

Colin, like most of the staff at IH Cairo is a language teacher, and established IH Cairo as an adult language school in 1975, affiliated to International House, London. He is also involved in computer education and children’s education and runs El Alsson International School, a bilingual school for 1500 students from 4-18 years








Karim Rogers, Executive Director

As IH Cairo is a family business, Karim is very much involved in the day-to-day management. He is responsible for the development of the business in terms of marketing, new products, IT additions, buildings and facilities and has designed and overseen the constructions of our new residences. He also attends major trade fairs on our behalf and does a lot of work with agents.







Aimen Hassanien, Centre Manager

Aimen comes with strong expertise in Customer Service Management and Business Development.

He is responsible for the overall operations of International House Cairo and manages all support functions within the centre. Aimen strives to maintain good relations with internal and external stakeholders and is constantly in contact with international universities to maintain the interests of IH Cairo.  







Fatma Mohamed, Operations Manager 

Fatma comes from a multinational background of operations management and customer services. As an operations manager, she is responsible for line managing a consistent and stable administrative environment in ILI coordinating closely with educational departments. She is also involved in handling day to day customer enquiries and complaints if any. Besides, she is liasing educational agents/possible travel abroad. 





Teaching Staff


Hoda AdibHoda Adib, Director of Studies

Hoda brings years of teaching experience to supporting and guiding our teaching faculty. She is an IH qualified Director of Studies and teacher trainer. She oversees a team of educational coordinators, who handle the quality control aspects of the teaching, as well as our 20+ full-time and part-time teachers. She is particularly experienced in designing tailor-made programmes for our larger clients.






Mohamed Amer

Mohammad Amer, Head of Teacher Training and Special Project Manager

Mohammad is a very experienced teacher trainer, running full-time and online courses. He is actively involved in developing online programmes, specialised teacher training for the Ministry of Education Brunei and developing special materials for clients.








Samia Louis, Author & Senior Course Developer

Samia has been teaching and developing course materials for many years and is now our resident author. Our series of Kallimni 'Arabi Egyptian Colloquial Arabic textbooks have been published through the American University in Cairo Press. The Lughatuna ah-Fusha series of Modern Standard Arabic textbooks is already underway with books one and two currently available.







Abeer Gaieth, Assistant Director of Studies

Abeer is the Assistant Director of Studies ( ADOS) also a very experienced teacher. She is in charge of the one to one requests, the office hours, conversation classes and students' feedback. She is also the one who liases between the teachers and the admin.









Khaled ElSayed

Khaled El Sayed, AVA Coordinator

Khaled is a very experienced teacher, having taught MSA and ECA classes at every level. He also teaches specialized courses as grammar, media, classes tailored to diplomats' needs and universities'' programs. As an A-V Coordinator, he records and files ECA/MSA relevant materials electronically. Khaled is contributing in teaching TAFL programs







HebaHeba Mussad, ECA Coordinator   

Heba brings years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language (ECA/MSA). She has a master's degree in Teaching Second Languages and Cultures and is trained in classroom management and language acquisition instructions. She supervises and supports teachers to improve their proficiency level of Arabic language instruction. She also develops materials to advanced levels and any other requirements of students and curriculum. She also helps students adjust to the Egyptian culture and to tackle any academic problems.



Wessam Sayed

Wissam Sayed, MSA Coordinator  

Wissam has a bachelor degree in Arabic language and literature from Cairo University. She’s been teaching Arabic to foreigners since 2007.she is teaching Modern standard Arabic up to advanced levels. She also teaches specialized courses as grammar, media and universities' programs. As a MSA coordinator, she supports teachers to develop in teaching different levels of Modern Standard Arabic. Works continuously to supplement and develop new MSA course books with the help of teachers. She participates in the professional development program for MSA.



IH Cairo Staff


IH Cairo Staff

Mostafa Mamdouh, Chief Accountant 

As Chief Accountant at IH Cairo- International Language Institute, I control and manage all financial accounting activities of the company. In this position I lead the development and implementation of budgets and key financial decisions, and make recommendations for more effective management strategies. I have a solid education in finance and accounting with Bachelor of Accounting, and I have also completed extensive professional development through courses run by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) , ACCA, and American University.


What is Basem doing now?

ماذا يفعل باسم الآن ؟

Used to ask about what someone is doing

“Studying at ILI is a pleasure, in fact, often the highlight of the day. I appreciate the professionalism and creativity of the teachers, who combine a blend of educational methods, resulting in a stimulating, successful learning environment for casual and serious students, alike. Aisha and Amir bring a diverse and effective approach to their teaching. Each day of class includes a synthesis of clear, encouraging, competent, and thought-provoking teaching. Apart from the classroom, the facility is comfortable and clean; with cafeteria personnel who not only actively encourage Arabic conversation. This unique element serves to foster a broad, immersive, language learning experience. All these attributes make ILI a comprehensive, thriving school, and community of learning and cultural fluency.”

Andreas M. Hofmann - United States