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very nice

حلو قوى

used to express opinions

This letter is addressed to the International Language Institute in Cairo (ILI). I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the founder and the CEO of the institute Mr. Colin Rogers, the director of studies Mrs. Hoda Adib, the teachers, and the students of the ILI, for allowing me to carry out my research at their institution. I am conducting a research, a follow-up study of my Master's Thesis, of the effect of two feedback techniques (Recast & Elicitation) on AFL learners' short-term inter-language development. Due to the importance of the results of this research in terms of the positive effect, it might have on the feedback techniques employed by AFL teachers in their classes, the ILI, as an institute that encourages research was very cooperative in terms of the facilities and the support that were given to me. It was really a unique experience getting to do my research in such a welcoming atmosphere, where I sensed eagerness in helping me see my work to completion on one hand, and in being really keen to get to know the results of my research. Accordingly, I promised to acquaint them with the results as soon as they are out. Finally, I would like to express my deepest thanks to Miss Alia, the class teacher, and her students who participated in my study. Sincerely, Heba El Ramly

Heba El Ramly - Egypt